POS For Retail, Thrift Stores, and Goodwill

Bridge Solutions is one of the leading POS systems businesses offering a true solution for retail, thrift and Goodwill stores in the nation.  We offer trusted Point of Sales Systems designed to satisfy our clients everywhere in California, including the greater Los Angeles and Orange County region. We understand that different retail businesses require different features and one of our core strengths is providing the right solution based on your specific business needs.  

Download: Retail Store POS PDF

Retail Point of Sale System - User Friendly Features and Functions

Our retail POS software systems are the most user friendly, which means assisting with the workload of your staff during staff training and regular business hours. Users are enabled to learn software operations fast, so they can beginning to focus on customer service as soon as possible.Our Point of Sale system for retail is easily configured. Whether you have repeating inventory like a convenience store or ever changing inventory like Goodwill and other thrift shops, we've got the right solution for you.  Book a free consultation and learn more about how we can improve your business efficiencies and even grow your return customer visits and ultimately improve sales revenues.  Based in California including the greater Los Angeles to Orange County regions, we are #1 Trusted in retail POS system technologies.

Modern Payment Processing in Retail POS Systems

The advances in modern retail POS system technology are a necessity for the modern challenges brick and mortar businesses can have. Payment processing now a days uses many varieties of new credit/debit readers, new forms of payment, and new touchscreen and other checkout hardware, and our POS system for retail is built for compatibility with the numerous and newest ways of payment processing. We offer the best for thrift, Goodwill and similar retail stores because it’s always the latest software that positively impacts customer experiences at retail businesses. Contact us directly for a retail POS system specialized for your business. We serve many retail businesses with models like discount retail, Goodwill, and other thrift shops. 

Retail POS System - Enables Greater Control of your Business

The latest retail POS system software will naturally come with many added benefits at no extra cost as technology exponentially advances. Retail POS System doubles up as a retail management system to enable greater knowledge and control of your businesses. Individual user sign in and tracking are becoming more and more standard. Our POS system for retail tracks all transaction and purchase data. It’s even possible to track data based on a specific customers. These features have enabled many retail businesses in California from greater Los Angeles to Orange County to grow their sales by initiating smart sales promotions and rewards programs using the knowledge from the data reports exported from our retail Point of Sale system softwares.

Thank you for visiting our company website. Contact us directly so we can help with the right retail POS system for your business. We provide for various retailers in California from Greater Los Angeles to Orange county including Goodwill specialty retailers, thrift shop retailers, and discount retailers.

Download: Retail Store POS PDF