POS Garden Nursery

We specialize in point of sale system software and hardware for garden and nursery businesses across Southern California from greater Los Angeles to Orange County.  Let's face it, it can be a daunting task to find the right POS System for your Garden Nursery.  With so many brands and software system, you don't want to make the wrong decision that will cost your operation a lot of money and time.  Instead of trying to figure it out for yourself, trust Bridge Solutions and let us use our 50 + years of industry experience to take you through the process and help you learn what you need to consider when choosing a POS Garden Nursery retail system.

Download: Garden Nursery POS PDF

Garden Center POS System - Tracking

Armed with knowledge and experience, we help our Garden/ Nursery Centers benefit from the right system for their sales, and operational needs.  Our software provides smart tracking functionalities to allow users to sell both flats and individual plants, and purchase common seeds from numerous vendors without taking the extra steps that previous systems required. Our system’s tracking capabilities also include functions for garden and lawn rental equipment. It’s easy to imagine how useful and reliable our POS systems are when combining these specialty functions with the standard functions that our clients across all industries use like customer purchase tracking and loyalty program initiatives.

Garden Center Point of Sale System - Outdoor hardware

Whether a new garden center point of sale system installation is a present or future consideration, we’re confident that our offerings are the best POS systems for garden nursery businesses. Our point of sale system and accessory equipment all come in outdoor, weatherproof, and waterproof hardware builds. Print waterproof and UV resistant barcodes for your inventory. Scan and checkout items both indoor and outdoor. Scan for purchases now and for purchases to be picked out later. All these functionalities work to enable the maximum shopping conveniences that customers are proven to appreciate. 

Garden Center POS System - Flexibility specific for your clientele

Our garden center point of sale systems provide the flexibility your garden supply business needs. Print standard receipts, as well as the full page receipts that contractors commonly request. Provide quotes and various payment terms for contractors. Customize invoices to brand your business. Grow your business with high quality customer care by creating garden care documents- all within the same POS system software. You’ll have numerous data reports documented. Choose to export only the reports your accounting and management needs to do their job and expand the business. Pair our software with any modern credit/debit readers, touchscreen tablets, and barcode scanners.

Thank you for coming to our website location. We provide the best POS system and support to garden and nursery businesses throughout Southern California from greater Los Angeles to Orange County. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the all the information you need about POS systems.

Download: Garden Nursery POS PDF